Thursday, December 6, 2012

Online free storage for everyone, Store up to 50 GB

The Adrive is a best online storage web app. It's allow to store your files on online, up to 50GB for free users. Also you can extend Adrive storage space up to 10 Tera byte by become a Premium user.

adrive free storage

You can securely access your files from anywhere, anytime in the world through Adrive. Simply log in to your ADrive account through any device to store, share or edit your files online. All you need is access to the Internet. And now adrive application available for download all android mobiles.

Adrive has provides some limited features for its free users.

  • 50GB of Online Cloud Storage, for FREE
  • Anytime Access to Your Data, Wherever You Are
  • Share Large Files Online
  • Edit Your Documents Online (You can open, edit, and save your documents all from within your ADrive account.)
  • Remote File Transfer (Now you can instantly transfer files from external websites to your ADrive account remotely.)
  • Easy Search Tool (You can use search tool to find your exact file without browsing through each directory or folder.)
  • International Character Support (ADrive supports international characters in file names making)
  • Android / Apple iOS Mobile App (You can download brand new app for Android and Apple iOS)

 Adrive has provides Excellent features for its Premium and Business users.

  • Online Cloud Storage up to 10TB or More! 
  • FTP (Access your ADrive files with any FTP client. You can also use FTP/SSL (not SFTP), to access your files securely.)
  • Increased Security (Adrive provide SSL data encryption for all Premium users.)
  • Desktop Application (ADrive now offers a desktop application that is compatible with all major operating systems.)
  • File History Recovery
  • Folder/Directory Upload (Upload complete directories or folders to your ADrive account. Maximum upload size is now 16GB)
  • WebDAV (You can conveniently map your ADrive account directly to your computer without having to sign in to Adrive web interface to manage, upload, or download your files.)
  • Multiple Concurrent Sessions (All Premium plans can have up to 10 signed-in sessions at one time.)
  • Set Expiration Date on Shared Files.
  • Online Collaboration (With remote employees and people always on the move, the Premium, or Business ADRIVE account allows your team to stay connected! Users can store, manage, edit and share their content all within their ADrive workspace.)
  • 24/7 Technical Phone & Email Support
  • No 3rd Party Ads
  • And With Including All Basic Features

Launch your Free, Premium, or Business ADRIVE account Now: ADRIVE


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  5. I've been using this storage facility for about a year now and I've never had any issues. You get exactly what you pay for and there are no hidden surprises with fees or the units themselves.

  6. Great Article. Google Drive is also one of the important Storage tool.

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